Oregon Legislature’s 2018 Session: What Employers Need to Know

Oregon’s 79th Legislative Assembly wrapped up its 2018 session early, on March 3 (before the Constitutionally-required sine die on March 11).  The session produced few laws that will have a direct impact on employers, managers or human resource professionals.  Here are the few that made the transition into law:

HB 4154:  Makes contractor liable for unpaid wages, including benefit payments or contributions, of employee of subcontractor at any tier. Permits a joint labor management committee and certain third parties to bring action on behalf of wage claimant against contractor.  PASSED in amended form

SB 1559:  Directs state agencies to establish procedures for employees to anonymously disclose certain information.  Expands reporting channels and protection for whistleblowing by public employees.  PASSED in amended form.

It also could be of interest that some gun-related legislation was passed, and signed on March 5 by Governor Kate Brown.  That new law expands the prohibition of gun ownership to include people convicted of domestic violence against non-married intimate partners (closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole”), and blocks people convicted of misdemeanor stalking from owning a gun.


Thanks for staying tuned.  Watch for more posts from our employment law team!


Kurt Barker, Jon Napier, and Ben Eckstein