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Our philosophy is pretty simple: do your best and give back.

We believe if we work hard every day, provide excellent legal counsel, support the community we serve, and exceed expectations in service, our clients will continue to call.

Our goal is to do our best to always be there when you need us most.

Give Back

Community Involvement

We cherish our reputation as legal advisors to Central Oregon. We hold it with great responsibility and find every opportunity to give back to our region. We are sponsors, board members, business advisors, community activists, and residents. If it matters in Central Oregon, we’ve been a part of it: higher education; clean water;  shelter and food for families in need; the arts; and more  We are also dedicated to sustainable business practices and doing our part to steward our remarkable natural resources.

With Gratitude

Recognition & Awards

Over the years, we’ve been called many things…(“Super Lawyers”, “Rising Stars”, “Best Lawyers in America”, “Most Recommended Law Firm”, to name a few), yet our favorite title is being referred to by our clients as a “Trusted Advisor.”

We appreciate that our clients turn to us for advice when they face some of their most important decisions; it tells us that us that we are performing our core function of providing legal advice that is valued by our clients.

Below are a few of the recognitions and awards we have been honored to receive for doing what we love. Of course, our greatest reward is doing our best for our clients every day.

Our Roots

KP History

  • 1935

    This is the title

    The son of Clyde McKay, one of Bend’s founders, opens a sole law practice on Oregon Street in Downtown Bend, later to become known as Karnopp Petersen LLP.
  • 1950

    Owen Panner Owen Panner enters into partnership with Duncan McKay. The Law Firm of Panner and Mckay is established.
  • 1955

    The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon becomes a client of Panner and McKay. Karnopp Petersen LLP still represents The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon today.
  • 1967

    Dennis Karnopp joins Karnopp Petersen as an Associate Attorney.
  • 1977

    Jim D. Noteboom joins Karnopp Petersen and dedicates his career to representing The Confederate Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon.
  • 1979

    James E. Petersen joins Karnopp Petersen LLP.