Our philosophy is pretty simple: do your best and give back. We believe if we work hard every day, provide excellent legal counsel, and exceed expectations in service, our clients will continue to call. Like a wingman, we’ll do our best to always be there when you need us most.

After more than 75 years of service, we cherish our reputation as business leaders and advisors. We hold it with great responsibility and find every opportunity to give back to this community. We are sponsors, board members, business advisors, community activists, and residents. If it matters in Central Oregon, we’ve been a part of it. Higher education. Clean water. Shelter for families in need. The arts. Athletics. Food for the hungry. You name it.

This also includes conserving the incredible natural environment we’ve been gifted with in Central Oregon. We recycle, conserve energy, use alternative transportation, and just strive to use less stuff.

Essentially, we know our business exists because this community thrives and it is our duty to do the best we can to help build and preserve Central Oregon.

Karnopp Petersen Business 20/20 Executive Breakfast Series

In September of 2011, Karnopp Petersen created the Business 20/20 Executive Breakfast Series to foster health and growth of the business community and an enduring economy that supports jobs, schools, education and the community as a whole for future generations.

Business 20/20 brings high caliber business experts to Central Oregon to encourage new ideas, promote professional growth and provide sophisticated educational opportunities to Central Oregon’s business community. Business 20/20 challenges public and private community leaders to address issues like financing, higher education, regional transportation, water rights and communication infrastructure – all of which are critical to business development in Central Oregon.