Employment Law

People are among a business’s most valuable resources. Yet employee issues can arise in any workplace. Our employment law attorneys can advise you on all aspects of employee relations, including developing employment manuals and policies, negotiating employment and severance agreements, defending lawsuits and administrative actions, and helping identify and remediate potential problem areas. Our goal is to give you proactive legal advice so you can promote positive employee relations and avoid costly disputes.

Our employment team’s services include:

  • compliance with local, state and federal employment laws
  • developing policies and procedures including drug and alcohol, harassment, discrimination and leave politics
  • employee handbooks
  • hiring and discharge practices
  • employment agreements
  • executive compensation
  • independent contractor and consulting arrangements
  • severance agreements and releases
  • non-competition, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • employment litigation, arbitration and mediation
  • assistance in resolving administrative complaints

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