The KP LaunchPack™

Your countdown to success starts here.

When forming a business, you face a slew of business technicalities and legal issues that require a sophisticated understanding of the law. Rely on expert services designed for your industry: a Karnopp Petersen LaunchPack.

LaunchPacks are a set of startup services for scalable businesses that wish to organize as a C corporation for a fixed fee. No billable hours. No surprises. Just one affordable flat fee.

You can add additional services to the basic LaunchPack if your company has more specific needs, like corporate financing or registering a trademark. We’ve designed LaunchPacks for three growing industries in our region:

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LaunchPack for Startups

No two businesses are identical, but all businesses need sound legal documents, advice and protections—even yours.

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LaunchPack for Contractors

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a sole proprietorship, we’ll help you create a solid foundation for the future by helping you form or convert to an appropriate business entity.


LaunchPack for Brewers and Distilleries

Want to be the toast of the town—or the country? Let Karnopp Petersen handle the legal and technical issues unique to your industry.


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