The lands and natural resources of the Pacific Northwest are the foundation of the regional economy and a major contributor to the national economy. Timber, ranching, agriculture, hydroelectricity,  land and water use, and development have propelled the region’s economy for generations, but not without impacts and fundamental change. For example, natural resource-based economies have had impacts on treaty-protected tribal fishing and hunting rights, and federal and state conservation policies, and these economies are facing durable changes in market fundamentals. As a consequence, new frontiers are being forged and new enterprises are being created to transition and diversify traditional management to sustain future generations.

For over forty years, our firm has represented individual, corporate, and government clients with respect to natural resource and energy issues. Over that time, we have developed a deep understanding of the complex economic, cultural, and ecological considerations inherent in the conversion of natural capital to goods and services in a responsible and efficient manner. We recognize the opportunities to enhance defined goals, and we understand that each client’s goals are unique, informed by their own historical, cultural, financial, and fiduciary needs. We thus work with our clients to thoroughly understand their goals and develop an individualized approach designed to seize opportunities to achieve those goals.

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Natural Resource & Energy Strategy